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1 Company Overview Located in the Qingzhou city of Shandong province QNP QingNeng Power has developed into the largest leading private manufacturer of steam turbines and generators in China covering an area of 200 000 square meters with building area of 90 000 square meters We have subsidiaries in Indonesia and Beijing as well as a branch office in Shanghai QNP has been awarded with many honors such as the NATIONAL HIGH TECH ENTERPRISE SHANDONG ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY CENTER SHANDONG HIGH SPEED HIGH EFFICIENCY STEAM TURBINE RESEARCH CENTER MEASUREMENT GUARANTEE QUALIFIED ENTERPRISE In addition it has earned certificates of CE API and ISO9000 2 Our Product Service Manufacturing steam turbine...

Categories and Products

Steam Turbines

Back Pressure Steam Turbine

Back Pressure Type Steam Turbine QNP Back Pressure Turbine Efficiency QNP Steam Turbine Reaction and Impulse Back Pressure In Steam Turbine Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator Steam Turbine Power Generation Power Plant Engineering from QNP 

Reaction Steam Turbine

25MW high quality and high efficiency Turbomachinery 15MW high-quality turbo-generation 6mw Steam Turbine power plant 5mw Cogeneration Power steam turbine Steam turbine for waste heat power generation 6MW Injection condensing steam turbine High Speed & High Efficiency Reaction Steam Turbine 3MW High-Speed Steam Turbine N6-1.3/350 steam Turbine 2MW samll condensing steam turbine 2MW Oil tank as base plate steam turbine N6.5-1.8/255 Condensing Steam Turbine N2.1-3.43/435 condensing steam turbine C11.5-4.9/1.2 Extraction condensing steam turbine Application of Steam Turbine from QNP Basic Steam Turbine from QNP Controlled Extraction Steam Turbine from QNP Double Extraction Steam Turbine from QNP Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine Extraction Type Steam Turbine 

Impulse Steam Turbine

3MW Back pressure steam turbine 12MW High Efficiency back pressure steam turbine 10MW High-speed& High-Efficiency Steam Turbine 6MW High Speed Back pressure steam turbine 15MW high efficiency Steam Turbine Cogeneration Power steam turbine 20MW Extraction back pressure steam turbine 20MW Biomass Power Steam Turbine 1MW-25mw Low parameter steam turbine High Efficiency 10MW Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine Oil tank as base plate steam turbine 1-50MW Three platform and one station steam turbine High temperature and high pressure extraction steam turbine Impulse Steam Turbine Efficiency Impulse Turbine in Steam Power Plant Steam Turbine and Generator QNP Condenser in Steam Power Plant QNP Steam Turbine Power Plants GNP QNP Steam Turbine Applications Extraction Steam Turbine QNP 

Steam Turbine-HE Series

High Speed & High Efficiency Impulse Steam Turbine Impulse Steam Turbine Definition Impulse Steam Turbine Blades from QNP Steam Turbine Impulse and Reaction Blading from QNP Steam Turbine Impulse Blade Design Impulse Turbine for Steam from QNP Multi Stage Impulse Steam Turbine Extraction Back Pressure Steam Turbine Extraction Steam Turbine Design Extraction Induction Steam Turbine 1MW-50MW High Efficiency Turbines 10MW High Speed Back Pressure Steam Turbine Impulse Turbine in Steam Power Plant from QNP 

Steam Turbine-NI Series

Condensing Steam Turbine Generator from QNP Condensing Steam Turbine Operation from QNP Extraction and Condensing Steam Turbine Condensing and Back Pressure Steam Turbine Back Pressure Condensing Steam Turbine Steam Condensing Extraction Turbine Injection Condensing Steam Turbine Injection Condensing Steam Turbine Low Pressure Condensing Steam Turbine Back Pressure of Condensing Steam Turbine Reheat Condensing Steam Turbine from QNP Back Pressure Steam Turbine from QNP Back Pressure Steam Turbine Generator from QNP Extracting Condensing Steam Turbine from QNP Extraction and Condensing Steam Turbine from QNP Injection Condensing Steam Turbine from QNP Injection Condensing Steam Turbine Diagram Condensing Steam Turbine for Sale Low Parameter Steam Turbine Steam Turbine Condensing System 


1-50MW Brushless excitation generator Static silicon controlled excitation generator 15 MW Turbine Generator Technical Services 6MW steam turbine electric generator 12MW steam turbine generator 10MW waste heat generator 15MW Heat and power cogeneration 2MW low price generator 20MW steam turbine generator AC Turbine Generator from QNP Boiler Turbine Generator from QNP Domestic Steam Turbine Generator QNP Generator Specialist from QNP QNP Industrial Generators QNP Largest Turbo Generator Marine Steam Turbine from QNP Micro Steam Turbine Electric Generator QNP Micro Turbine Engine Generator from QNP Power Generating Station from QNP Power Plant Turbine Generator 

Power Plant EPC Project

Heat and power cogeneration 20MW combined cycle projects Combined Cycle Power Plant Profession Power Plant EPC Project Garbage Power steam turbines 3MW waste heat generating power plant EPC project 20MW Power Plant LSTK N2.6-2.37 waste heat steam turbine Engineering Procurement Construction from QNP Power Plant Solution from QNP Engineering Procurement and Construction from QNP Engineering Procurement Construction QNP EPC Engineering Procurement Construction from QNP EPC Power Plant from QNP EPC Turnkey Project QNP Power Plant Construction QNP Power Plant Contractors QNP Power Plant EPC Companies EPC Services Company QNP 

Installation And Care

Power Plant Installation

15MW steam turbine power plant Installation In Power Plant from QNP Installed Power Capacity from QNP Steam Turbine Installation in Power Plant 

Steam Turbine Care

Profession 20MW Steam Turbine Care Steam Turbine Maintenance & Repairs 1MW~1000MW Steam Turbine Care 

Generator Care

10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Maintenance 10MW profession Steam Turbine Generator Care 2 poles steam turbine generator 1-200MW Steam Turbine Generator Care Steam Turbine Generator Care 10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Overhaul Steam Turbine Overhaul 

Electrical Cabinet Care

Electric governing reconstructing of power plant 0.4KV-10KV Electrical Cabinet Care 

Governing System Care

profession Electric governing reconstructing 

Mud Pump

N3NB-350 Mud Pump N3NB-500 Mud Pump N3NB-800 Mud Pump N3NB-1000 Mud Pump N3NB-1300 mud pump N3NB-1600 mud pump NF-500 Mud Pump NF-800 Mud Pump NF-1000 Mud Pump NF-1300 Mud Pump NF-1600 Mud Pump NF-2200 Mud Pump PZ-500 Mud Pump PZ-800 Mud Pump PZ-1000 Mud Pump PZ-1300 Mud Pump QN-800 Mud Pump Mud Pump Gardner Denver Mud Pump Horsepower Calculation Mud Pump Impeller from QNP 

Electrical Cabinet

GCK drawer type L.V. Switchgear KYN28A-12 Electrical Cabinet GCS Series drawer type L.V. switchgear GGD series AC L.V. distribution cabinet MNS Electrical Cabinet for Power Station 

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